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How To Lease An eKey or DisplayKEY

  To Obtain a DisplayKEY and Charger

Before an eKey or DisplayKEY and Charger can be assigned you must meet the following criteria:.

Complete an application to join RANW MLS and pay membership fees
Successfully complete the Application / Lease Agreement co-signed by Broker
Submit the eKey activation and fob fee of $150.00 plus tax along with completed Application / Lease Agreement
Submit the DisplayKey lease fee of $200.00 plus tax along with completed Application / Lease Agreement

Licensed Home Inspectors who are RANW Affiliate members can also lease a DisplayKEY and must follow this process.

If Your DisplayKEY Needs To Be Replaced

If you are having a problem with your DisplayKEY or Charger refer to the "trouble shooting" chapter in the DisplayKEY User / Pocket Guide. If the problem persists, call the Support # on the back of your DisplayKEY (1-877-699-6787) to have the problem diagnosed by a Supra technician. If the Key or Charger is determined to be defective, you will be given a reference # and explanation of the problem. You can then call the Key Administrator at RANW MLS to relay the reference number and information so a replacement product can be issued. There is no charge to replace a defective DisplayKEY or Charger.

If You Lose Your DisplayKEY or Charger

Contact RANW MLS IMMEDIATELY and a Lost Key Affidavit will be provided, or it can be printed from the RANW website. A police report is needed for stolen products. The cost to replace a lost/stolen DisplayKEY is currently $110.00 + tax and a lost/stolen Charger is $90.00 + tax.

To Return Your DisplayKEY and Charger

If you inactivate your membership with RANW MLS, you must return your DisplayKEY, Charger and cords immediately along with a completed Key Return Form. A refund is given for DisplayKEYs, Chargers and cords that are returned in good working condition. The current refund is $50.00 with the refund made payable to the former Keyholder and Broker and mailed to the Broker. Print off a Key Return Form from the RANW website. You will be invoiced for any product that is not returned.

If you returned your products and received the $50.00 refund and re-activate your membership within 6 months of going inactive, you may obtain another key or reactivate eKey by submitting $50.00 to RANW MLS along with a completed Keyholder Application / Lease Agreement.





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