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Quick Reference for DisplayKEYS, Cradles & eKEYS

  Key Options

The Supra system offers 3 different Key services: DisplayKEY, and eKEY Professional or Basic service if you have a compatible Smartphone. The DisplayKEY is leased from RANW MLS, and an eKEY service agreement is between the Keyholder and Supra.

Batteries (DisplayKEY)

The DisplayKEY contains a non-replaceable, rechargeable battery that is automatically charged every time the DisplayKEY is placed in the Cradle (also referred to as a Charger). Between the hours of midnight and 6:00 a.m. your key will dial out to #1-877-840-6174 (that has been programmed into your Key). This will eSYNC (update) your Key as well as charge the battery. Use the "battery status" menu option on your Key to display the percentage of battery charge in the Key at any time. The DisplayKEY alerts you when the battery needs recharging by emitting 2 buzz tones. When you hear these sounds, immediately place your DisplayKEY in the Cradle for at least four hours to fully charge it.

Time Change (for DisplayKEYs and eKEYs)

Twice a year the lockbox access hours change according to Daylight Savings and Standard Time. So, when you change your clocks at home, remember your access hours change automatically also.

Daylight Savings Time Access Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m.
Standard Time Access Hours: 7:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m

To program your keypad for 24 hour access or timed access, refer to your DisplayKEY User Guide.

Updating Your DisplayKEY

DisplayKEYs expire on a daily basis. When your Key is expired, you cannot access lockboxes. When you turn on your DisplayKEY (using the Enter button) a message appears indicating whether your Key is updated for that day. Following are the ways to update or eSYNC your Key.

Place your DisplayKEY on the Cradle each night. It automatically dials KIM (pre-programmed #1-877-840-6174) at a designated time between midnight and 6:00 p.m. to perform an eSYNC. An eSYNC is the process where your Key connects to the KIM network through the modem in the Cradle, information is exchanged, and your Key is updated.

If you forget to place your DisplayKEY on the Cradle and miss an automatic update/eSYNC, you can perform a manual update/eSYNC at any time by turning on your Key, arrow down to the "manual eSYNC" and place the Key on the Cradle. In a matter of minutes your Key will update.
Access the KIM website or KIM automated voice system to receive a current update code and manually enter the code into your Key to activate it. This method will not charge the battery, and any activity records in your Key remain in your Key until you perform an eSYNC. This method should be used in emergencies only. Using the Cradle to update is recommended.

eKEY Software

The eKEY software allows your Smartphone to act as an electronic Key to give you access to lockboxes placed on listings. The software keeps track of the lockboxes it has opened. At the end of the day the eKEY software expires and must be updated. Updating occurs through a connection to the Supra network. During the connection, showing data stored in the Smartphone is sent to the network, the Key is updated, and messages are received. Depending on your eKEY service level (professional or basic) the latest MLS data and showing activity may also be delivered to your Smartphone.

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