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Assign a Keybox to a Listing with GPS using the Supra Keybox Assistant

  New Supra Tool!
Assign a Keybox to a Listing with GPS using the Supra Keybox Assistant

~ Offices may already be assigning a new iBOX to a listing through Paragon or through SupraWEB. These are still two great options for Keybox assignment. However, the Keybox Assistant tool will provide an added safeguard in assigning keyboxes using GPS.
If the keybox has already been assigned to a listing in SupraWEB or Paragon, using the keybox assistant will not delete the keybox from the listing, but confirm it.
~ Showing and Key Activity reports and showing notifications are more informative when the listing address is displayed rather than just the keybox serial number.
~ The Keybox Assistant feature helps by automatically assigning the listing address to the keybox using GPS when the shackle is released and the key container is opened.

Using Keybox Assistant
1. Make sure you are at the property when releasing the shackle.
2. Select "Adding on a new listing" for the reason when releasing the shackle. ~ Enter the listing MLS # (assigned automatically) or house number (Supra system searches listing database and uses GPS to find a match).
3. If a match is made an email notification including the lockbox serial number, MLS number & address is sent to you from Supra to verify the assignment as long as you have the lockbox in your inventory (defaults to yes).
4. If any of the information in the email is not correct you can log into SupraWEB and correct it.

Click Here for screenshots and more information. If need help or have questions, please contact RANW MLS or Supra support.





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