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RANW MLS - MLS Changes - FAQ and Documents

  Thank you for your patience through our MLS data conversion. The conversion was successful and fine-tuning is still in progress.

New InnoVia Listing Displays
A variety of new displays are available within InnoVia's property-type searches, highlighting the new MLS data and giving members choices in presenting information to their customers.

The Confidential Long 07 and Confidential Short 07 displays contain the same information and are for agents only. Both the Confidential Short 07 and the Customer Long 07 will print on 1 page. Additional 07 displays are still being worked on.

New InnoVia Search Screens NEW Short & Advanced Searches
With the recent changes to the MLS, InnoVia's Property-Type search screens have been edited to include updated criteria selection options. In these updates, MLS has created a Default search screen that includes the most commonly-searched fields, and an advanced search, offering all available criteria fields for that property type.

The Default search screen will load on the screen more quickly than previous search screens, and will be useful in searching commonly-selected fields. Members can also select the Advanced search at any time, choosing from additional field options and/or coded features.

New Change/Update forms
New Change/Update forms were created for all four property types for the agents/office to use now to make required changes to existing listings. These Change/Update forms are also available on the InnoVia website under MISC / Documents; you can make additional copies as needed.

Click here for the Residential Data Sheet Changes form (short - required info).
Click here for the Residential Data Sheet Changes form (long - all info).
Click here for the Duplex / Multi-Family Data Sheet Changes form (short - required info).
Click here for the Duplex / Multi-Family Data Sheet Changes form (long - all info).
Click here for the Vacant Land Data Sheet Changes form.
Click here for the Business-Industrial Data Sheet Changes form.

For tips and explanations of some of the changes in the Database Change Project, click here.

New Listing Data Sheets
New MLS Data Sheets for all four property types have been provided to member offices, are available online, and are now updated in ZipForms. The new data sheets, revised 2-1-2007, should be used now. To review or to print additional copies of the new data sheets, please click on the property type links below:
Vacant Land,
Duplex / Multi-Family,
Business / Industrial.

MLS Market Areas and Municipalities: We've added a new "Adjacent Area" search. With just a click of a button, any listings in an adjacent area will be included in the search results. Also, the Municipality field will appear in alphabetical order by municipality name, not grouped by city, town, or village. Some of the changes included will make it easier for members to find listings. The secondary area field (Area 2) has been removed, and instead there will be an easy way to search areas adjoining any selected Area 1.

RANW MLS Square Foot Measuring Guidelines Updated
The Broker packet also included the new RANW MLS square footage measuring guidelines to be used with the new data sheets.

Click here for your copy of the RANW MLS square footage measuring guidelines. Important note: The new fields allow agents to include all finished square footage for all levels. The measuring guidelines and the new data sheets indicate what is allowed. You will also note there is now a source field for the square footage fields to indicate the source of the measurement.

Definitions - Finished Space is space that is intended for human occupancy and that is:
1. Heated by a conventional heating system(s) permanently installed;
2. Finished, with walls, floors and ceiling materials generally accepted for interior construction (e.g. painted drywall / sheet rock or paneled walls, carpeted or vinyl or hardwood flooring, etc.);
3. Directly accessible from other living areas (through a door of by a heated hallway or stairway).

Click here for the RANW MLS Square Footage Guidelines Extra including additional "help tips" regarding measuring and reporting square footage based on an Appraiser's approach.

The square footage changes, as well as the other changes, focus on data consistency and broker risk reduction with a goal toward making MLS data clearer and more definitive for both Active and Sold listings for members and the public.

Click here to contact a member of the RANW Appraisers Committee which has offered its assistance to companies by attending office meetings to explain the square footage guidelines and measuring procedure. Appraiser contact information will be forwarded to you in the next Broker packet.

If questions arise related to Wisconsin Housing Code, please click here to review information from the Department of Commerce website. A sub-section of the code related to construction is available here.

Condos and Twindos
The broker packet included a copy of the WRA Condo Resource website page with links to info on the Wisconsin Chapter 703 Condominium Law. Many agents are confused as to what defines a condo (a form of ownership, not structure), and they will now need to indicate correctly on the data sheet. Click here to access the WRA Condo Resource Page.

Summary of data fields changes
Click here for a summary of all of the changes by property type as an FYI.

MLS will also begin accepting up to 12 photos in MLS. The first photo needs to be the main exterior of the property, and the 2nd photo must be the below-grade finished area(s) if this below-grade finished area square footage is reported to MLS

Internet Data Exchange (IDX)
Commercial properties in MLS will become part of the IDX database. They will appear on the RANW IDX Smart and Free links. Or if you have a custom IDX website, your vendor has received the new commercial property type info, along with the other changes from MLS.

Downloads and Member Website Data:
Please note that the MS-friendly, ASCII, and Top Producer-type downloads on InnoVia also has changed. If you or your company vendor has any questions, please call MLS.

Thank you for your continued support and patience! As we go along with this MLS change project please let us know if you need further information or materials to assist you and your company.





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