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Issues and Solutions for the recent eKEY upgrade

1 Authorization Code ~ Asked to reauthorize your eKEY app?
2 Update Code
3 Roster for eKEY Pro

Issue: Authorization Code
Being asked to reauthorize your eKEY app?
App not accepting the authorization code & giving an Authorization Invalid error?

Solution 1: On 1/1/19, Supra updated the new eKEY app to fix this issue. Please tap update in your app in order to accept the recent changes.

Solution 2:
1. Delete the eKEY app
2. Re-install the eKEY app from the app store
3. Generate & enter a new authorization code using your SupraWEB account at

Issue: Update Code
Keys requiring update codes during the day when the keys are already updated?

Solution: If after the recent Supra update, this issue is still present, generate an update code by logging into SupraWEB at, navigating to on your smartphone or by calling Supra at 1-888-968-4032.

Issue: Roster for eKEY Pro

Solution: A new version of the Android app was released to the app store yesterday that fixed an issue with searching on the roster for eKEY Professional users.

Questions? Call the Supra support line at 1-877-699-6787 or email Supra Support at





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