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RANW MLS Waterfront Property Classification Policy - Clarification of New Policy

  To allow for more properties to qualify as waterfront in RANW MLS, the following policies were put into place ~ please review for helpful clarifications:

Part of the new allowance was to have a GIS type image added to the property as one of the required photos in MLS to ensure the integrity of the MLS listing database ~ The request for a GIS image is to allow the viewer to see the property in relation to the body of water. Additional actual photos of the property showing the waterfront would also be beneficial for both cooperating agents and public viewers.

RANW MLS Waterfront Policies and definitions,for all Property Types:
The property/owner must:
1) own frontage abutting a basin, bay, channel, lake, river, or "other" body of water; that allots lawful riparian or littoral rights;
2) properties with "only deeded water access" do not qualify as "waterfront";
3) require the inclusion of a GIS image, or map image which allows the viewer to see the property in relation to the body of water. (You may use the Paragon aerial view image).
4) require if "Other" is selected, an explanation is to be included in Public Remarks identifying what the Body of Water is;
5) the body of water is no longer required to be on the DNR Bodies of Water list, with the exception of a body of water that is referred to as a pond in name;
6) if the body of water has "Pond" in the name, the body of water will need to be on the DNR Bodies of Water list, for example: Reservoir Pond or Chute Pond in Oconto County;

Riparian and Littoral Rights: Riparian and littoral rights refer to rights that are incidental to ownership of land adjacent to or abutting navigable water, such as streams, rivers, lakes, ponds, and some flowages. Historically riparian referred to streams, rivers and, in most cases, lakes and ponds, while littoral pertained to large bodies of waters, such as oceans and great lakes. In Wisconsin we have seen the term "riparian" used to apply to the rights of property owners abutting all types of navigable water, including great lakes. We use both terms here to be inclusive.

"Waterfront Image" You may use the Aerial view image of the listing from Paragon, (if image is correct). If a GIS image is not available, the aerial view of the listing's map in Paragon may be used (if correct) as the required photo.

How to obtain an aerial image for posting as a photo with your listing:
1. Pull up the listing in an Agent Confidential, Customer Full, or an All Fields Detail report - any display that shows the M (map) icon in the row of Action Icons.
2. Click on the M (map) icon to open the map window. It will be a pop-up window on your screen.
3. There is a drop-down box in the upper left corner of the Map window. The default reads Road. Click on the drop-down menu and select Aerial.
4. Print out the Aerial view by clicking on the Printer icon in the middle of the row of icons above the map in the map window.
5. Scan that printed image, save it as a photo, and then upload it to the listing.





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