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RANW MLS New field "Showings Begin Date" Added to Paragon and Reminders

  To: RANW MLS Participant Brokers and Agents

RE: MLS Highlights: New Showings Begin Date Field added to Paragon; Seller Authorization Form updated; plus Reminders re: Clear Cooperation, Waterfront Clarification and other MLS Rule and Data Changes

New MLS Date Field To use only for listings that have a Delay in Showings Showings Begin Date: A new Required date field is being added to Paragon for Delayed Showings this month.

The new field will allow cooperating agents to easily see the available date (and search date) on Delayed-Showing listings.

Agents will use the new field together with the RANW MLS Seller Authorization Form and your listing contracts for Delayed Showings.

Important to note about Delayed Showings:
  • You will enter the Showings Begin Date in this new date field Once date is entered and saved, it cannot be changed by the listing agent, and backdating is not allowed;

  • The Showings Begin Date is still required to be included in Public Remarks;

  • Delayed Showing needs to also be addressed in the listing contract which must be submitted to MLS with each new property listing;

  • The RANW MLS Seller Authorization Form specifying the Delayed Showing also must be submitted to MLS with the entry of any property listing with delayed showings;

  • The new Showings Begin Date will be integrated with Showing Time and showings will not be allowed to be scheduled prior to the showing date;

  • The date field will be searchable in Paragon. (Note: Using this field in a search will exclude all listings that do not have delayed showings.)

  • The new Showing Begin Date will be included on the Agent Confidential and All Fields Detail reports. (If possible, it will be added to WIREX displays). It will not appear on Customer displays or in the Collab Center listing carts.

  • RANW MLS Seller Authorization Form Updated This form must be used when a seller has requested delayed showings until a certain date or requested the listing be excluded from MLS. The updated form is posted on Paragon and will be added to ZipForms. Link-

    Reminders of previous rule and data changes:
    MLS Clear Cooperation Rules Reminder:
    If the property is in any way publicly marketed, including posting a Real Estate Sign, Facebook, etc, it must be into MLS within one business day. The education period for this new rule has passed and MLS fines are now in place. Link-

    Wisconsin License Law advertising reminders Properties may not be posted publicly without a listing contract ~ this is against DSPS Rules:
    Per Wis. Stat. 452.136, in all advertising (including social media) a licensee shall disclose the firm's name in a clear and conspicuous manner. Additionally, a licensee may not advertise a property in any way prior to the effective date of the term of the listing, regardless of when the listing was signed.

    Recent MLS Data field Changes and Clarification to Waterfront
    For a Summary of changes related to Waterfront, Square Footage, Building Types, Garages, Condos ~ Link -

    Also important clarification on Allowance of a Waterfront property in RANW MLS as well as a How-To for using the Paragon map for your GIS-required photo on Waterfront properties.
    Link -

    New Data Sheets: Can be found on Paragon under Resources > My Links or under the MLS Documents link at the top of the Paragon screen, and also in ZipForms.

    MLS Rules: The RANW MLS Rules with updates as of August incorporate the new Clear Cooperation rules mandated by NAR, as well as other policies and definitions. - August 2020 MLS Rules - August 2020 MLS Rules with Changes

    We hope this summary of updates is helpful ~ after your review if you have questions please reply to this email or contact RANW at 920.739.9108. Thank you!

    REALTORS Assoc of Northeast WI MLS, Inc. RANW MLS
    O: 920.739.9108 or O: 800.817.7657





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