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Affiliate Spotlight - Jared Farber, Knife Mensch - Cutco Gifting

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Watch Jared's Affiliate Spotlight video HERE! While Cutco has been recognized for over 70 years of high performance in kitchens in Northeast Wisconsin, many are now learning about Cutco’s applicability to business owners, LOs, and Realtors. 
Cutco entered the closing gifts space over 12 years ago and has established itself as the number one gifting option in the industry. Its popularity is based on it being high quality, useful, and repeatable. Clients love the product, appreciate the brand, and are consistently using the gift. What Realtors love most is that the gifts stay with the clients for decades and their brand is highlighted as they use the products week in and week out.
In addition, since the program serves tens of thousands of clients across the US and Canada the gifting system is simple to implement and easy to scale for agents as they grow their business and serve more clients. The gifting options are also robust enough to handle a high level of personalization for any type of client.
Jared has been working with Cutco for over 13 years and resides in the Fox Valley with his wife, two daughters, and their one dog (for now). He services over 600 clients in Wisconsin and over 1200 nationwide. Contact him today to learn more about the impact Cutco gifting can bring to your business.