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New TrustFunds Member Resource Center

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TrustFunds recently rolled out new Member Resource Center Pages for Brokers and Agents! These Resource pages can be accessed through the RANW MLS Paragon home page and will provide many valuable resources to TrustFunds users including, setting up training, short videos, and guides! Now users can access all our tips and tricks right at their fingertips!

RANW MLS TrustFunds Stats:

  • All-Time Stats Fastest Time to Submit (from agent send to buyer submit): 58 seconds
  • Total # Buyer Agents who have used TrustFunds: 2,001
  • All-time Agent Adoption (% buyer's agents used TrustFunds successfully): 129.26%
  • Total earnest money transactions: 7,209

Interested in transferring earnest money electronically with TrustFunds? To register for TrustFunds: Sign in to your Paragon account and register to use TrustFunds under the Resources tab OR click the following links - *Must be logged into Paragon