RANW members are encouraged to get involved with the Association through participation on one or more of our various committees for which they qualify. Membership on a committee is for one year; extensions need to be considered annually. Committee members are appointed by the President with the Committee Chair in coordination with RANW Staff.

Special Events / Community Involvement

Special Events Committees

Each Committee plans and facilitates special events and programs at both the local and regional levels. These specialty committees promote events for local market areas in coordination with the staff liaison. Committee members are appointed by the President with the Committee Chair, also in coordination with staff.

Special Events Committees include:

  • Special Events Committee
  • Fond du Lac Golf Outing
  • Fox Valley Golf Outing
  • Green Bay Golf Outing
  • Oshkosh Golf Outing
  • Fond du Lac Holiday Party
  • Green Bay Holiday Party

Community Service Committee
Helps in organizing community service projects for your community to include: blood drives, food or clothing drives, tree planting, or assisting housing related organizations. Choose what’s best for your community and get involved. Check to see if there's a committee in your area.

Specialty Committees

  • Appraiser Committees
    A unified effort of the REALTOR® members who are Appraisers to focus on the needs of their specialty practice, and to further benefit Appraisal services. Committee will provide a forum to discuss areas of interest for appraisal services and will monitor, research and recommend to RANW, programs that will benefit Appraisers who are REALTORS®.
  • Commercial Council
    Comprised of Commercial REALTOR® members servicing commercial interests and providing specialized service to commercial practitioners who are REALTORS®. Council will also provide a forum to discuss areas of interest for commercial specialists as well as monitor, research and recommend action to RANW on matters that affect commercial real estate.
  • Commercial Information Exchange (CIE)
    A service of the Commercial Council, the CIE is the computerized exchange of listing information that gives commercial brokers the advantages of a network. Similar to the MLS, yet separate. Commercial members will serve as a CIE resource to leadership and staff.
  • Housing Advocacy
    Engages the real estate industry in efforts to support public policy that promotes responsible, quality and cost-effective land development practices. They track, analyze and debate local government proposals that affect development and the housing industry. The Council recommends position papers for the Association which provide guidance on how to balance community growth and quality of life issues. In addition, they work collectively with RANW staff and other stakeholders to advocate on behalf of the real estate industry and private property rights.
  • Forms Committees
    Creates and recommends the development of real estate forms in coordination with State Association.
  • Government Affairs Committee
    Works closely with the Government Affairs Director to monitor and address issues such as the environment and Smart Growth in local markets. Educates members in the governmental process and promotes REALTOR® involvement. Monitors local and statewide real estate legislation introduced or contemplated, and develops and implements a network of concerned REALTORS® to write letters or attend hearings to support action favorable to the housing industry. Interviews local political candidates for possible endorsement or RPAC support.
  • Orientation Committee (Pre-Requisites Apply - Please Call for Information)
    Plans, promotes, and instructs the New Member Orientation Program in accordance with Bylaws/Policies of the RANW. Programs are held quarterly at RANW.
  • Professional Standards Committees (Requires Training)
    Though members may be asked to serve on any of the three (Review Panel, Settlement Conference or Hearing Panel) or as needed. All committees require significant real estate experience and in-depth knowledge of the Code of Ethics and the Professional Standards process.
  • Grievance Committee Panel
    Reviews all requests for arbitration and all complaints of alleged unethical conduct to determine whether the complaint should be referred to an Ethics Hearing, Arbitration, Settlement, or be dismissed.
  • Settlement Conference Officers (Mediation)
    Provides an alternative method of handling REALTOR® business disputes with other REALTORS® or with clients through an informal meeting of the parties with one independent REALTOR® acting as a mediator for the purpose of reaching a resolution that is satisfactory to all parties. Requirement: Broker or Office Manager.
  • Hearing Panels
    Conducts Ethics and Arbitration Hearings as appointed. Renders peer judgments based on the merits of all ascertainable facts. Majority on Panels must be Brokers, so the Committee especially needs Broker participation.

Association Governance

Due to RANW Policy, participation in the following committees are by appointment or election only.

  • Bylaws / Policy Committee (by Executive Committee)
    Reviews RANW and MLS Bylaws, Rules and Policies if needed, and ensures the documents are in compliance with national and state policies. When necessary, provides guidance at Board of Directors and Membership meetings to ensure compliance.
  • Executive Committee
    Composed of the officers of the Association, i.e., President, President-Elect, Treasurer, immediate Past President and Executive Officer. The Past-President will have voting rights on the Executive Committee consistent with the voting rights on the Board of Directors.
  • Finance (appointed by Board of Directors)
    Reviews with staff and recommends to the Board of Directors the annual budget for the Association. Reviews
    financial statements and budget regularly with staff. The committee takes Recommendations to investments and
    capital expenditures to the Board of Directors.
  • Recognition Committee
    Solicits nominations for Excellence in Professionalism Awards, both REALTORS and Affiliates. Committee is comprised of four (4) past honorees from within the last two years, and three (3) “at large” members appointed by the President.
  • Strategic Planning Committee
    Reviews, develops, prioritizes and monitors short and long-term Association goals. Develops and updates plan to include mission and Association competencies.