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RPAC & Direct Giver

The REALTORS® Political Action Committee is a great way for every REALTOR® to get involved in protecting the real estate profession from public policy and regulation that might be detrimental. RPAC is also instrumental in supporting candidates who support the real estate profession and are advocates for positive change. Members are strongly urged to participate in either the RPAC or Direct Giver Programs.

RPAC contributions are split 70% to WRA for state official contributions and 30% to NAR for federal official contributions. Money contributed to RPAC goes into a "general fund" to be distributed to candidates who support REALTOR® positions on issues important to the real-estate industry. For more information on RPAC, . . .

The Direct Giver Program is unique to Wisconsin and acts as a conduit for members to direct their contributions to whichever candidate for office they choose. WRA disburses funds as directed by individual members and both the REALTORS® Association and the individuals are credited for the contribution. Direct Giver Contributions are counted towards both the RANW and WRA fundraising goals. For more information on Direct Giver, . . .

If you would like to know more about RPAC or Direct Giver or how you can participate, please contact RANW Government Affairs Director, Jennifer Sunstrom at 920.739.9108 or e-mail


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