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Listing Photo Size and Format Requirements

Helpful Information regarding Listing Photos and Agent Photos

Photo Sizes for Paragon (and Zillow)

The maximum photo resolution available for uploading listing photos into Paragon is 1280 x 960 with a maximum photo file size of 125Kb. If an agent uploads a listing larger than 1280 x 960, the Paragon system will scale it down.

There is currently no minimum photo size set in the Paragon system, but MLS does, it is 1024 x 768. Members not using the MLS minimum has caused issues with photos appearing in Paragon that look like thumbnail images on the slide show. RANW MLS recommends that all members review the slide show after uploading photos to ensure all images will fully fill the screen. (To access the slide show, bring up an Agent Confidential or Customer Full report and click on the main listing photo.)

Small images have also caused issues with those listings that are shared with Zillow. In order for a photo to appear on Zillow, the resolution must be larger than 330 x 220. If a smaller image is uploaded to a listing, it will not appear on Zillow’s website.

Agent Photos in Paragon - 3 Places to Upload/Check Image

Within the Paragon program, there are three different places where Agent Photos can be uploaded - to appear on displays/reports/spec sheets, to the Email Signature, and to the Collab Center. Each photo placeholder is slightly different in size.

When uploading the agent photo initially (under Preferences), the following apply:
1. 1280 X 960 Max resolution - system will compress higher resolution photos
2. JPG, PNG & GIF file types allowed - will be converted to JPG once uploaded
3. Special Characters (& , * , / , etc.) cannot be used in the file name.
4. There are no dimension requirements i.e. the photo can be rectangular or square.

The agent photos on the report views will pull from the photo uploaded to the user's preferences. The default agent image dimensions on a report are 150 x 115 (rectangular), though those dimensions are customizable. For example, the Customer Full report currently has the agent image size set to 92 x 92 (square) and the Customer MLS View has the agent image size set to 147 x 112 (rectangular). The agent image will scale to fit the image size set on each report and will be limited by the larger dimension -- i.e the photo will be scaled down to fit and will not "stretch" to fit.

When setting up an email signature, the default agent photo size inserted is 105 x 117 (mostly square). The dimensions are customizable and can be edited, and the photo should scale to fit (and not stretch). The photo in the email signature can be customized by the user, and doesn't necessarily have to be the image from their Preferences.

On Collab Center, the image is stretched to fit the 100 x 100 image box, which can cause distortion on a rectangular image. The Collab Center image pulls from the user's Collab Center Preferences> About Me. Collab Center is the only location where the image proportions are absolute and can't currently be changed, so if an agent wants to have a single agent photo that works in all locations they will want to go with a photo that is more square than rectangular.