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Supra Lockbox System

How to Join the Electronic Lockbox (iBox)/eKEY Program

The RANW MLS offers the Supra System to its MLS and Affiliate Home Inspector members. Please scroll down for the Supra eKEY Company and Agent Agreements. This patented electronic system offers security and convenience and records each Key that accesses a lockbox, as well as the date and time of each access. This System also allows companies to track their lockbox inventory.

Company must Participate in the RANW MLS Lockbox and Key Program in order to obtain keys for Supra Lockboxes in the Northeast WI area. The Supra eKEY App to open Lockboxes MUST be activated by MLS. 

How to Open and Use a Supra Lockbox

Click here for a video tutorial on obtaining keys for a lockbox and how to open a shackle.

Forget your PIN code? Click HERE for how-to reset you pin (including one-day code recipients).


Please click HERE to see all of the features (such as showing feedback, etc.) you can utilize with your eKEY.


Current Fees

  • RANW MLS monthly participation fee for each licensee in a participating MLS office: $11.00 + tax
  • RANW MLS Monthly participation fee for each licensee in a participating Affiliate Home Inspector office: $20.00 + tax
  • Supra eKEY Activation Fee $95.00 + tax submitted with Application
  • Supra Lockboxes - Boxes are leased to companies at no additional cost. (For lost boxes, the cost is $99.00/box.)

Lockbox Company Resources

Additional Services

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Supra Agent Support
Seven days a week 7:00 am-9:00 pm