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Need an Authorization Code?

Option 1:

 *Download the Supra eKEY App from your Play Store or App Store!

  • Go to and register using your eKEY serial number and Pin Code. You will first have to create a username and password along with security questions for your file. Do not use complex syntax in your password like * or $. RANW MLS does not have access to your username and password for SupraWEB.
  • Once your account has been created, click on Authorization code.
  • Enter the authorization code into your eKEY app on your phone or tablet by going to the Supra eKEY App and clicking on Activate eKEY.
  • Bypass the email and pin code login (swipe up on your phone or tablet screen) and click on "I already have an authorization code".
  • This will lead you to a screen with two boxes. Enter the code in and agree to the terms. The top of your eKEY screen will say Authorized.
  • Make sure your Bluetooth is turned on within your general device settings. Bluetooth technology is within the lockboxes to wirelessly communicate with your phone or device. 

Your serial number and pin code is activated and provided by your primary MLS office, to Companies and Members participating in the MLS Lockbox and Key Program. Once activated, please keep this information for as long as you have an eKEY.  

Learn more about your SupraWEB account.

Option 2:

To obtain an authorization code from the eKEY app:
1. Launch the eKEY app
2. Select Activate eKEY App
3. Enter email address
4. Enter 4-digit PIN
5. Click Submit
You will receive an email containing a link. Click that link to automatically authorize the eKEY app. It is possible the app will automatically authorize after you enter email and PIN.

Have you gone inactive and reinstated your membership? You will need to reset your authorization on the Supra eKEY app.

  1. On the bottom right on the app, click the three small dots
  2. Tap the first option "About Supra eKEY"
  3. Tap Reset Authorization
  4. Now follow the steps above in option 2 to receive an authorization code