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Submit a Listing to MLS

Listings of Residential Single-Family Homes, Condominiums, Multi-Family, Vacant Land, and Commercial properties located within the mandatory listing area of RANW MLS and taken by Participants on any listing contracts lawful in Wisconsin which make it possible for the listing broker to offer compensation to the other Participants of the MLS who act as sub-agents, buyer agents, or both, shall be submitted to the RANW MLS in accordance with MLS Rules.

The forms and information below provide assistance to members in completing all requirements for listing submission.

Data Sheets are recommended for ALL members to help reduce listing errors and delays in listing confirmation. All data sheets are in PDF format; these can also be found on ZipForms.


Listing Input and Maintenance is the ability in Paragon to enter and edit your own listings.  

  • In order to have listing input and maintenance access you must: 
  1. Be licensed under a company that has enabled listing input and maintenance access for the company. Check with your manager. 
    1. A brand new MLS firm, who was not an existing member must wait one month following their MLS activation to take the LIM required training of the RANW MLS “LIM” class.
  2. If your company enables LIM access, you MUST take the following training HERE. 
  3. When you have completed the LIM webinar, have the broker/manager of your company email to give you LIM access to enter your own listings.